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Meeting with business-sector representatives within the framework of Erasmus+ ENINEDU project

The Higher school of Economics and Business of Al-FarabiKazNU held ameeting with representatives of the business sector in the framework of theErasmus+ project "Improving the integration of higher education andcorporate sectors in accordance with the new social environment –ENINEDU". The meeting was attended by HSE management, heads ofdepartments, coordinators of educational programs, which are responsible forthe work of the Employer' Council and the Alumni Association, the Erasmus+ENINEDU project team. The business sector was represented by such companies asVTB, ID GROUP, AlmatyStroyContract, ZereLand, Silk Road of Kazakhstan, andWalter Williams.

The purpose of themeeting was to improve the interaction between the University and the businessenvironment.

Tasks were about:

- Discussion thepossibility of organizing master classes, trainings, leadership lectures andseminars for HSE students;

- participation in theworking group on updating educational programs;

- possibility to acceptgraduate students for internship / practice;

- participation in thework of the employment portal "Youth and career";

- involvement aslecturers for MBA and DBA programs.

      General Director of ID-GROUP Shakirova Gulnara Amangeldievna told about theactivities of her business, its structural elements and how she buildslong-term relationships with the Higher school of Economics and Business,stressed that in practice graduates deepen their professional knowledge,expanding their competencies. Approved the participation of employers in theeducational process and the development of educational programs.

      Zhidebekkyzy A. made proposals on the development of long-term cooperationbetween the Higher school of Economics and Business and the businessenvironment.

      Interesting ideas and proposals were made by the Representative and HR Directorof the company "Silk road of Kazakhstan" MukhitovaZaure andAbabakhrievaSaida, financial Director of the company"AlmatyStroyContract" Uzenbayeva Aida, Businesswoman, founder of thekindergarten "ZereLand" BekkozhaSaltanat, Director and DeputyDirector of the Almaty branch of VTB Bank MusagaliyevAskhat and KosarevaAnastasia.

Thus, the Director ofthe Almaty branch of VTB Bank MusagaliyevAskhat told about his branch andassured that he was ready to give lectures free, was always ready to giveadvice on business in the Bank, and was happy to open a branch of the school inhis Bank. During the active discussion, an agreement was reached on thefollowing issues:

1. Organization of theintegration session for students in cooperation with employers;

2. Possibility ofimplementation of complex diploma projects of graduates;

3. Opening of branchesof departments on the territory of the companies;

4. Conducting masterclasses from employers on a regular basis;

5. Participation in theworking group on the development of educational program;

6. Organization oftraining practices and internships for students on flexible schedule;

7. Organization ofinternships with subsequent employment;

8. Participation as amember of the State examination commissions;

9. Training courses forteaching staff.

The conducted networking will allow to confirmprofessional competences of graduates in practice, to employ them, andrepresentatives of business will have an opportunity for development of thescientific knowledge and to select in the structures the most prepared andcompetent graduates, and on this basis to develop long and mutually beneficialrelations between higher education institution and business.

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