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The head of state Kassym-JomartTokayev visited KazNU

Rector of KazNU, Academician GalymMutanov, told thePresident in detail about the scientific, educational and innovative activitiesof the University and its achievements. He informed the Head of State thatKazNU is being consistently transformed into a world-class research University.To achieve this goal, a comprehensive structural modernization of theUniversity was carried out, Faculties were formed and Departments were enlargedon the basis of the cluster approach, and a process management system wasintroduced, which is focused on the result and rating assessment of theachievements of each employee. The result of modernization was a successfulpromotion in international rankings. Since 2011, KazNU has advanced over 400positions, taking the 207th place this year among the best universities in theworld in the authoritative and recognized ranking «QS WUR».

  During the visit, Kassym-JomartTokayev gotacquainted with the Cluster of Development of Business Competencies, whichincludes the Centers of Islamic Finance, Entrepreneurship and Finance, ExchangeTechnologies, MBA and DBA. These Centers work together with the National Bank,AIFC «Astana» and foreign partners, using the positive international experiencein the field of finance and exchange trading.

   In the administration building, thePresident was shown the Situation Management Center, equipped with modern meansof communication, interactive collection and analysis of information to controland monitor current activities. The management and employees in the operationalmode receive relevant and accurate data, allowing analyzing information andmaking decisions quickly.

  The Head of State was told that an importantcomponent of the transformation of KazNU into a research university is thedigitization of all business processes. The introduction of cloud technologiesin the automation of activities, Smart-technologies in the management of campusinfrastructure, Big Data technologies in the formation of an analytical system,the development of IT services brought the University to a new digital level.The digitalization experience of KazNU is actively being adopted by foreign andKazakhstani Universities.

  Kassym-JomartKemelevich also toured the«Keremet» Student Service Center, located on the territory of the studentcampus. This Сenter provides on a «one window» principle students and teacherswith over 500 various educational, social, cultural and recreational services,including primary health care and health diagnostics. He met and talkedwithstudentshere.

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