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Leadership lecture for students of the department «FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING»

September 2, 2019 at the Higher school of Economicsand business KazNU at al-Farabi was held a leadership lecture for 1st yearstudents of "Finance", "Accounting and auditing" specialty.AlibekovAzat, chief specialist of banking regulation Department National Bankof Kazakhstan, ZhambylAizhan, chief accountant of the company "BS2".RuslanBergenov, the Chairman of the Board of «Europharma» gave a speech as alecture.

   All invited lecturers shared theirexperience and success story with our students.

   ZhambylAizhan, an alumni of theDepartment "Accounting and audit" shared about accountant job, theorganization of the accounting Department, current requirements to theaccountants, the need for professional growth through professional developmentand shared her memories of student life at KazNU.

   AlibekovAzat pointed the demand for thespecialty of auditor-financier in modern economic conditions.

   RuslanBergenov, gave an advise forprospective financiers and accountants not limiting with fundamentaltheoretical knowledge, but to rise a practical skills that will positivelyaffect their future competitiveness.

   Studentsenthusiastically asked questions to professionals, exchanged contacts.

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