Создано: 24.12.2019 18:16
Автор: Модератор Системы

Internal audit of Erasmus+ ENINEDU project

Director of Institute of Technology at the University of Côte d'Azur(France), Advisor to the Rector on interaction with the business environment,Professor Jean-Christophe Boisse arrived at the Al-FarabiKazNU to conduct aninternal audit of the international project Erasmus+ “Enhancement of higher educationand corporate sectors integration in accordance with the new social environment– ENINEDU”. During the monitoring, Professor Boisse reviewed the implementationof the Erasmus + ENINEDU project at Al-FarabiKazNU, participated in workshopsand meetings, met with the leadership of the faculty and the university. Healso visited the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center at the BusinessCompetencies Development Cluster of HSEB.

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